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Getting started

To ensure proper combustion of the CCL, pull the seams of the wrapper outward, to create an airspace between the CCL and the paper. This will allow it to catch fire more efficiently.

For woodstoves, inserts and small fireplaces, use 1 CCL:

For large fireplaces or when using 2 CCL at the same time:

If a downdraft occurs, it is most often caused by poor draft conditions within the room. Open a window or door and if necessary, carefully place some paper in the fireplace to start the draft going upwards again.

Make sure all fans (heating, ceiling, etc.) are shut off when using the CCL, even fans in others rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen.

If the CCL does not ignite, light each ends with a match or lighter. Do not use flammable liquids or other means to ignite the log.

Close any glass doors and lower air-intakes on your wood burning appliance.

Close any fire protection screens.